We are proud owners of a Funktion One system.
Our aim is to provide a first class dj audio system. In addition to the Funktion One speakers we have Funktion One approved FFA amplification and the Funktion One system crossover the X04.
Achieving the best possible audio quality is the principle motivating factor at Full Fat Audio. We are intent on sonic accuracy and the Funktion One technological approach avoids the use of both system EQ (with its inherent phase and headroom problems) and compression driver mid-range (with its inherent harshness and distortion). Our loudspeaker system also has excellent directional control allowing sound to be focused where it’s needed and minimising out-of-venue environmental impact.

Great care has been taken with the construction of the amplifier rack and cables to Bring out the very best of the Funktion One sound.

We not only provide the speakers and amplifiers but a Funktion One approved Formula Sound dj mixer, SL1200 turntables, CD players and dj monitors.
Also available is our solidly  constructed 8X4 dj platform @ 1 foot complete with an 8X2 platform @ 4 foot for the mixer and decks etc.

All that is needed to provide your audience with an involving sonic experience is DJ’s with their music and a 30amp 230 volt electricity supply.

Our Funktion One, Resolution 3 system including F121 Subs is capable of providing a satisfying sound to audiences of up to 500 in number.

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