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Professional Funktion-One sound system hire…

We at Prime Cut Audio have always had a passion for the best audio quality and now seek the satisfaction of providing it to you. At the same time, we really understand the importance of the best quality audio for dance music events.

We believe that everyone deserves to hear music as it should be heard. Nothing more or less, just plain and simply natural and as unmodified as possible.

We are an Essex based audio company providing professional, high quality Funktion-One Resolution 3 sound system hire in the Essex, London, Kent and Hertfordshire areas.

General information
Unlike some modern-day audio systems that sound so processed and unnatural, we take great pleasure in providing you with the prime cut in audio.

Providing a completely DSP-free Funktion-One sound system with only the best quality components in the chain we aim to ensure you have the best possible audio quality for your event.

Our system consists of Funktion-One loudspeakers powered by Full Fat Audio amplification and XTA loudspeaker management systems.

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